With over 32 years of REO experience, the Trident Homes Realty REO Department and it’s REO Agents, completely understand the importance of maximizing returns in the shortest time possible.

Below, you will find a small bulleted list of the most common real estate brokerage services we offer in the REO Department for each assigned asset.

REO Residential Sales

  • Perform initial occupancy checks
  • Provide accurate and timely Drive-by Broker Price Opinions
  • Provide an Interior Broker Price Opinion and develop comprehensive marketing plans unique to each property
  • Negotiate Cash-for-Keys and assist with processing evictions
  • Re-key, winterization, trash-outs and board-ups
  • Utility activation and property maintenance services including lawn care and snow removal
  • Track all expenses, obtain bids for repair, supervise repairs and renovations and pay vendors
  • Obtain any required local inspections and appear at any required local hearings concerning the status of the property
  • Provide monthly status reports and marketing strategy updates
  • Market / Advertise the property in various strategic print and internet locations
  • Review and summarize all offers to purchase, verify purchaser qualifications before promptly submitting the offer
  • Facilitate the negotiation process
  • Continue to monitor all aspects of the closing process (title, financing, inspections) during the escrow period to ensure timely closings
  • Attend and facilitate the closing process as required by local practices
  • Ensure delivery of closing proceeds to our clients, terminate all utility services and submit all final invoices in a timely manner

REO Loss Mitigation / Preservation

  • Short Sales
  • Cash for Keys
  • Deed-in-lieu negotiation
  • Eviction Coordination
  • Relocation Assistance